We in Hitsocial know exactly how important privacy is to social media users. And that’s why we are going to explain what will happen to the data you’ve given us.

What kind of data we will collect?

Any data coming from you to our servers, goes through official web channels and services meaning we cannot access your data without you knowing. In other words you actually have to give us permission. However platforms like Instagram and Aparat do not have such channels and services to control data flow, in these instances we collect your login information as cookies only to be able to post content on your page, that does not give us direct access to your password or any of your account information for that matter.

What information we will check?

The only thing we can check is the content you will publish through Hitsocial so that we can be sure that your content isn’t illegal or unconventional. We will not have any access to your other social media information.

How to block Hitsocial accessibility to your social media?

You can block Hitsocial accessibility to any of your social media information anytime by entering your social media. For example on youtube , based on google’s privacy policy you can block Hitsocial access in Apps Access to Google Account Page

What is privacy on YouTube?

We use YouTube API Services. “Youtube Channel Name and Channel Link” are the information that is stored after the connection. After posting to the channel, post ID will be kept for 30 days and then will be deleted. Also YouTube channel name will be updated every 30 days

The user’s IP is only collected from the user device with each request to website and stored to detect the position of the user. Accounts information including the name of the channel and its address is stored by the Hitsocial, and this information is only used by Hitsocial and is not available to any other sources. Data from API is stored after connecting the YouTube account and after each post, We never use data collected from YouTube API to track you.

The name and ID of the user’s YouTube channel are stored for posting and posts which were sent for editing and reuse.

How do we store your information?

Hitsocial servers are located in Germany, in one of the most prestigious data centers in the world, and after connecting your accounts the data is stored in Hitsocial Databases located in Germany. This information includes API tokens and basic information received after connecting the accounts.

Does Hitsocial use cookies?

For some of the analysis of user behavior in using the platform, we use cookies in its most secure manner. These cookies contain behavioral analysis information including Google Analytics and Piwik.

What steps do we take to protect your information?

We do not have access to any of your account information and all the information is encrypted. Which will be fully monitored for ensuring the security of information and data, any mistakes made by the user (like sharing the information with a third party) and any misuse of it will not be Hitsocial’s responsibility.


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